Centro Internazionale di Implantologia a Como – Dir. Sanitario Prof. Tiziano Testori

Immediate loaded implants at the level of the upper incisors

Immediate loaded implants at the level of the upper incisors

by Prof. Tiziano Testori
Dental elements 1.1 e 2.1, periodontally healthy, must be extracted because not recoverable: the RX exam showed a root fracture of 1.1 and external resorption of 2.1


1. Initial situation. RX exam showed a root fracture of 1.1 and the external resorption of 2.1


2. CBCT images from wich is visible aroot fracture  and an external resorption


3. Two implants are inserted post-extraction with immediate prosthesis. The vestibular gap of 2 mm is filled with deproteinized bovine bone (Endobon, Biomet 3i). The bone dehiscence is managed by the interposition of a collagen membrane (OsseoGuard Flex, Biomet 3i). The emergence profile of the provisional elements is under surrounded to not interfere with the remodeling of the soft tissue.


4. Finalizing of the case, clinical evaluation. The preservation of peak bone provides good anatomy of the papillae; abutments in zirconia and biotype often combine to camouflage the prosthetic components.


5. X-ray examinations of the finalization of the case. The platform switching reduces the amount of resorption around the implant platform. The examination CBCT highlights the maintenance of the vestibular cortical bone, biological presupposition for obtaining a good aesthetic result

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