Centro Internazionale di Implantologia a Como – Dir. Sanitario Prof. Tiziano Testori


The Health Facility is equipped with all the latest diagnostic technologies from low-dose CT (cone beam CT) to the two-dimensional digital radiology.
The endo-osseous implants are medical devices certified according to directive 93/42 EEC. (La Repubblica Salute –  Il Sole 24 Ore)
Patients who receive an implant are delivered the certificate of conformity and the medical implant passport (with the technical specifications of the implant and the numbers of international assistance that allow qualified patients to have implants worldwide).
The implants used in our practice are Biomet 3i implant and other from different companies, that have the same certifications(Articolo MAG La Provincia 10/2012 "Implantologia soluzione di tutti i problemi dentali").

Day surgery

Computer guided surgery SIMPLANT®

Conscious sedation and anxiolysis

Invisible orthodontics Invisalign

Periodontal Diagnosis

Crowns and inlays with Cerec Sirona

Endodontic surgery